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Civic Education, Social Justice, & Civil Rights Tours

Developed by an attorney and former adjunct history professor, these NYC tours provide a deeper understanding of the American struggles for civic responsibility, social justice and civil rights.

Forgotten Heroes of Lower Manhattan and Ground Zero Walking Tour

Explore important landmarks throughout Lower Manhattan and learn about brave individuals who made great sacrifices to rescue their fellow New Yorkers during times of financial crisis, social justice, and terrorist attacks.

Civil Rights and Social Justice Tour of Harlem

This Harlem tour focuses on the social movements of African Americans in New York City including the abolitionist movement against American slavery, the civil rights movement and today’s social justice struggles for affordable housing, equal justice under the law, and safe community streets.

The Equal Justice Tour: the History of Criminal Justice and Policing in NYC (Coming Summer 2021)

This tour gives the legal history of the criminal justice system in NYC including the policing of New York for various challenges, the rise of mass incarceration and the steps being taken to bring criminal justice reform.

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