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African American & Black Heritage NYC Tours

Inside Out Tours is an award-winning, certified minority and women owned business that is dedicated to presenting the histories of people of color in an engaging, sensitive and in-depth manner. Our African American Heritage tours are carefully researched to highlight the hidden history and contributions of black people in New York City.

African American Heritage Tour of New York City

Discover the African American Heritage of Lower Manhattan and Harlem in this comprehensive tour from the establishment of New York to present.

African American Heritage Tour of Brooklyn

Brooklyn has long been one of the great centers of African-American culture in the United States, boasting the largest black population in New York City. Explore the legacy of iconic figures like Spike Lee, Jay Z, Shirley Chisholm, David Ruggles and Frederick Douglass.

NYC Slavery and Underground Railroad Tour

Learn the exciting history of the enslaved people who built the foundations of New York City and the brave band of freedom fighters who formed the networks that became the Underground Railroad. This tour is featured in the New York Times!

Harlem Renaissance Bus Tour

Learn about the Harlem Renaissance including its musical, artistic and literary achievements while exploring Harlem on this bus-guided experience.

Heroes of Harlem Tour

Discover the iconic literary, political and artistic heroes that made Harlem the capital of Black America.

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