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Antonio Meucci

The Telephone: Invented by Italian Immigrant, Antonio Meucci

Do you like stories? Especially hidden history stories? We’re happy you’re here! Here at Inside Out Tours we inform, explore, and activate through storytelling.  We especially love what we call “hidden histories” – the stories that our history books either left out or got totally wrong.  Each blog, we’ll share with you a true story and we hope you’ll join us on a tour where we dive deeper, you can ask questions, and you can see, feel, hear, smell, touch, and explore the real-life places where these stories lived, breathed, and unfolded! Our first story is about the incredible Antonio Meucci.  Did you know that the telephone was invented by an Italian immigrant in Staten Island? You read that right, folks. About 150 years ago, in the house at 420 Tompkins Avenue, Antonio Meucci developed the telephone. He created it so…

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January 31, 2022