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Special Women History Month Virtual Tour


NYC’s hidden female pioneers

Women have shaped every aspect of the city’s growth since before it was founded!

This tour explores the pivotal women have played in the development of NYC and tells the hidden stories of the female pioneers whose contributions made this city into a great metropolis. We begin with the story of the new matriarchs of the Lenape Indians, the original Native American inhabitants. We then tell the stories of women trailblazers including the only women to start a village in colonial America, the first woman to be injured in fighting during the Revolutionary war, enslaved women, woman suffragists, Wall Street pioneers, religious leaders, ground breaking writers, social justice crusaders, philanthropists, and 9/11 heroes.

The tour is offered virtually. Your tour group can stay in the comfort of their own home while an expert guide takes through an interactive online experience. It is a 360 degree tour lead by a knowledgeable and engaging tour guide. Questions can be asked throughout and we have a fun quiz based on the tour at the end.