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Juneteenth Virtual Tour

Quick Details

Info Tour Type: Public & Virtual

Clock Duration: 1 Hour

Journey through the profound and impactful history of Juneteenth with our comprehensive Juneteenth Virtual Tour, spanning the entire United States.

This digital exploration takes you through the hallowed grounds of Galveston, Texas, where General Gordon Granger’s 1865 announcement of emancipation marked the birth of Juneteenth, and further, to various cities and landmarks across the nation that commemorate the enduring legacy of African American freedom. From historic markers and museums to vibrant cultural celebrations, join us in uncovering the stories of resilience, freedom, and unity that define this vital holiday.

  • The tour is offered virtually. Your group can stay in the comfort of their own home while an expert guide takes them through an interactive online experience.
  • It is a 360-degree tour led by a knowledgeable and engaging tour guide.
  • Questions can be asked throughout the tour.

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