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Disability Pride Month

Quick Details

Info Tour Type: Public & Virtual

Clock Duration: 1 Hour

Join us for an enlightening one-hour virtual tour celebrating Disability Pride Month by exploring the remarkable lives and achievements of individuals who have profoundly impacted various fields despite their disabilities.

Discover the inspiring journey of Jim Abbott, a Major League Baseball star born without his right hand, and the celebrated boxer Muhammad Ali, who overcame dyslexia to become an iconic sporting figure. Explore Ralph Braun’s innovations in accessible transportation, Helen Keller’s relentless advocacy for labor and women’s rights, and Catalina Devandas-Aguilar’s dedication to disability rights. Appreciate the art of Frida Kahlo, who challenged perceptions of identity and social issues, and the musical genius of Andrea Bocelli, who, despite blindness, achieved global success. Uncover the brilliance of John Nash, a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician with paranoid schizophrenia, and the resilience of politicians like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln, who led the nation despite their disabilities. This tour celebrates the limitless potential within each person, regardless of their abilities, and honors their extraordinary contributions to our world.

  • The tour is offered virtually. Your group can stay in the comfort of their own home while an expert guide takes them through an interactive online experience.
  • It is a 360-degree tour led by a knowledgeable and engaging tour guide.
  • Questions can be asked throughout the tour.

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