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International Delegation of Sustainable Development, Tourism, and Economics

Inside Out Tours was proud to welcome 16 international delegates at our office last week who were in the United States under the auspices of the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program to study the best practices of local tour operators in the United States. These International visitors sought to learn exam strategies and policies to promote tourism locally; understand the link between tourism and local economic development; explore trends in tourism such as adventure tourism, cultural tourism, food tourism, heritage tourism, and eco tourism; examine concepts of sustainable and responsible tourism and the role of small business in the tourism industry. 

Our international visitors were leaders in tourism from a diverse set of countries including Algeria, Poland, Armenia, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Chile, Dominica, West Bank, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. It was a pleasure to discuss topics like trends in tourism; sustainability; and best practices for a socially conscious enterprise focused on uplifting the community while fostering true cultural exchanges.

We look forward to our continued impact on fostering positive social change both internationally and in the United States of America.