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Specialized Virtual Tours

2 Hours | Available Monday through Saturday!

Quick Details

Info Tour Type: Virtual

Clock Duration: 2 Hours

Virtual Group Up to 10 people

Explore NY from your home

Specialized Virtual Tours allow you and your group to stay in the comfort of your own home while an expert guide takes you through an interactive online experience. It is a 360-degree tour lead by a knowledgeable and engaging tour guide. Questions can be asked throughout and we have a fun quiz based on the tour at the end.

We are now offering the following Specialized Virtual Tours:

  1. NYC Slavery and Underground Railroad Virtual Tour
  2. Immigrant Experience Virtual Tour
  3. Great Women of NY Virtual Tour
  4. Bronx Renaissance Virtual Tour
  5. The Great Bridge: Brooklyn Bridge Virtual Tour
  6. The Heart of NYC: Midtown Highlights Virtual Tour
  7. The Place it All Began: Lower Manhattan, Wall Street, and Ground Zero Virtual Tour

For larger group inquiries, please contact us directly.