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Interactive Cooking Class: Bagels & Pretzels

1.5 Hours | Available Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!

Quick Details

Info Tour Type: Virtual

Clock Duration: 1.5 Hours

Capacity: Up to 10 people

Rate: $450

Virtual Group Up to 10 people

Bagels & Pretzels

The quintessential New York City breakfast can not be spoken about without mentioning a Bagel. Originally from the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe, bagels grew and flourished here in NYC to become iconic with the city. There’s nothing better than a soft and chewy fresh out of the oven bagel. Another tasty New York City staple is the Pretzel, which can be found in food vendors’ carts on so many corners throughout the city. This salted doughy snack made in your own house will outdo any store-bought one and take you right to the center of New York City.

Ready to roll up your sleeves, tie on an apron, and sharpen your cooking techniques while having a great time?
Join our immersive virtual tours with “Live” chefs to teach you the top professional cooking tips and tricks of the New York’s Culinary Masters.

After booking, we will be securing one of our expert chefs with your preferred class and schedule. However, if we are unable to have your chefs meet with you at that date and time, we will work to reschedule your experience.