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Immigrant Experience Virtual Tour

2 Hours | Available Monday through Saturday!

Quick Details

Info Tour Type: Virtual

Clock Duration: 2 Hours

Capacity: Up to 10 people

Rate: $350

Virtual Group Up to 10 people

New York City has been heralded as the “capital of immigrant America!”

Start by exploring Castle Clinton, the nation’s first immigration station, as well as the Five Points, a former tenement-ridden slum considered to be the original melting pot. Visit the Irish Hunger Memorial and be reminded of the Irish escaping the economic devastation when they journeyed to the U.S.. Then, immerse yourself in NYC’s Chinatown, home to the largest concentration of Chinese expatriates in the Western Hemisphere, and learn about the long tradition of legal and illegal discrimination Chinese-Americans have endured throughout history. Then, head to Little Italy to delve into this vibrant enclave of Italian-American culture and cuisine.

The tour is offered virtually. Your tour group can stay in the comfort of their own home while an expert guide takes through an interactive online experience. It is a 360 degree tour lead by a knowledgeable and engaging tour guide. Questions can be asked throughout and we have a fun quiz based on the tour at the end.

For larger group inquiries, please contact us directly.