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Stacey (Founder and Chief Tour Guide), a Brooklyn native and Columbia University graduate, is a licensed tour guide with a background that encompasses the artistic, legal and academic world. She is passionate about history, tourism and New York City. Stacey started her career as an assistant producer of documentaries for a major television network. Afterwards, she worked for 10 years a lawyer before pursuing her true love and launching Inside Out Tours with her childhood friend Sheila. She is currently an adjunct professor teaching New York City history and the company’s Chief Tour Guide.


Marcos: I feel profoundly blessed to have a career of helping people connect with New York, and honored to tell the city’s stories. I am madly, head over heels, in love with the Bronx, but do happily see other boroughs. In over ten years of experience as a licensed New York City guide, I’m proud to have led excellent and ethical tours in all five boroughs. I especially enjoy showcasing the Brooklyn Bridge, Uptown Manhattan, Greenwich Village, and the Lower East Side, in addition to my beloved Bronx. I am grateful to all the New Yorkers that create this fascinating city, and all the Bronxites who have stopped me mid-tour with something to say. I was born into the Bronx, grew up in Milwaukee, WI, and reved back to NYC as an adult.My point of view combines the deep connection to the city of a native, with the passion and perspective of a person who moved to NYC by choice. I am also an active church musician, a prolific singer/songwriter/composer, a teacher of Afro-Puerto Rican Dance, and a former scholarship student at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.


Helene Zinszner_Headshot Helene:
I am an experienced gold-star New York City Tour Guide with academic research, teaching as well as stage performance experience. I can be described as a “funny nerd” or a “PhD with a sense of humor” and like to make tours informative and fun. I regularly conduct tours of historical downtown, financial district, 9-11 memorial, midtown architecture, Brooklyn Heights, the history of Gospel music In NYC, and also lead custom private tours, corporate tours and student tours. I am currently teaching a course on the history of NYC from the point of view of Public Health at St. John University. A native of France, I moved to NYC more than 20 years ago and hold double nationality. So, yes, I can run tours in either English or French!


Tomas Delgado_HeadshotTomas (Tom):I grew up in Tampa, Florida, and came to New York seven years ago after finishing law school in Atlanta. I passed the New York Bar exam, but have since left the law and is now a comedian, actor, writer, and musician in New York. Tom is convinced New York is the best city in the world and loves conveying to visitors what makes it so great, especially its history, and I am particularly interested in music, literature, and the arts. I am a first-generation Nicaraguan-American so I also speak fluent Spanish. I have lived in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and know the following areas well: Lower Manhattan, Lower East Side, the East Village, Greenwich Village, Central Park, Midtown, Harlem, and Soho/Little Italy/Chinatown.


Dahlia Headshot 2Dahlia: I am a born and raised Manhattanite now based in the 4th largest American city – Brooklyn. Like many New Yorkers, I am a descendent of immigrant grandparents – hailing from Jamaica and Puerto Rico – and revels in the unending diversity and contradictions of my city. An avid urban cyclist, I earned a GPS – like understanding of the city’s streets not to mention a degree in Urban Studies and Planning. Having led bus and walking tours in 2006, I have perfected the art of the interactive tour. I believe that it is important to customize a tour around street-life spontaneity, a group’s specific interests and lived experience in order to relate it all back to these “crossroads of the world”. Energetic and passionate, it will come as no surprise that with me as your guide, a fun and educational trip is guaranteed. If street art, public parks, bicycling, or ethnic neighborhoods are your interest, I will show you a great time from a fresh point of view. Se espera dar la bienvenida a nuestro amigos latinos que buscan tures en espanol! I am also very sensitive to the fact that New York is one of the few places you can visit that will give you a longer list of things to do on your last day than you had on your first day. Not-to-worry, I am a master itinerary maker and can maximize anyone’s visit no matter how long or how short. My goal is to make you have your next trip planned and leave the city in a New York state of mind.


Sean is a licensed New York City Tour guide who has a Masters Degree in History from Brooklyn College with a focus on the American Revolution and New York City history. He has taught classes on New York City history in various academic settings. He is a native of the tri-state area and has been a resident of Brooklyn for 7 years. Sean is also a musician and a writer.


Ludie Headshot 2 Ludie: I consider myself a global citizen. Growing up a New York has shaped my views of the world and fueled my passion for travel and living abroad. The mix of cultures, the languages, sights, smell, and sounds from around the globe have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I dreamed from an early age to explore the world that NYC game a taste of. This led me to study in Spain as an NYU student and later work in Japan as an English teacher. Inspired by the aesthetic and simplicity of Japanese food traditions I was introduced to while in Asia when I returned to New York I decided to enter a chef training program. I graduated The Natural Gourmet Institute in 2002 and began working as a cooking instructor teaching youth and adults health supportive cooking for 8 years. Always the nomad at heart I returned to Japan in 2009 and began teaching at an Elementary School, when I also began New York City Bites, a project where I merged English Education with my love of food and my hometown. I developed English cooking classes that showcased traditional dishes from around the planet which reflect and honor the diverse communities that make up NYC. I came home in 2013 in search of new challenges and opportunities with the desire to continue educating and partaking in cultural exchange and now have the honor of navigating people through history and streets of this vibrant and ever inspiring city, which is simply and sublimely, home.


James_HeadshotJames: I am a native of Manhattan. Like many New Yorkers, I shudder whenever I leave town, and heave a sigh of relief when I return to my native habitat. I love the city in all its chaos, and am deeply interested in the stories and histories that wait around every corner. I come to tour-guiding with a background in teaching. I strive to make every tour an engaging and entertaining experience as well as informative one. Guests should be prepared to participate in hands on activities during my tours! My other interests include music, sailing, politics, and learning new languages. I am fluent in German and also working on improving my Spanish.


Alessia_HeadshotAlessia: Hello everybody, my name is Alessia and I’m happy contributing to Inside Out Tours as a tour guide. Why did I become a tour guide? Well, I’m not from New York, or any other place in the U.S. for that matter. I came here a few years ago from Florence, Italy, as a tourist myself and then fell in love with this vibrant city (and not only the city…) and decided to stay. I fell in love with the amazing architecture. I’m very passionate about Art Deco and New York is the “Mecca” of this exciting and elegant style. I discovered so many more aspects to this city that I didn’t know beforehand and things that people who even live here don’t really know. Here I found the inspiration to follow my creativity and open and design a line of accessories for children and room decor in my own internet based company, AnHandmade designs. I was always very creative, but never thought to develop my passion into a real business. New York have me a special energy and helped me believe in myself and my potential. With all the varieties of cuisine, I think creativity is also part of cooking. Food is another passion of mine and I love the variety that NY offers from around the world! I enjoy sharing my knowledge of restaurants and cafés, as well as experimenting with different cuisines. Only recently I felt the need to share all my knowledge about New York as an “Insider” who also still has a tourist point of you, so that people who are visiting the city can appreciate a little bit more of the “real” Big Apple and the incredible energy that it transmits through its people.


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