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A Brooklyn native and Columbia University graduate, Stacey is the founder of Inside Out Tours. Her passion for history, tourism and New York City are complimented with a background that encompasses the artistic, legal, and academic world. Stacey started her career as an assistant producer of documentaries for a major television network. She then worked for 10 years as a lawyer before pursuing her true love and launching Inside Out Tours with her childhood friend, Sheila. She is the company’s Chief Tour Guide.

“Stacey, our tour guide was excellent. She gave us great insights, making the important connections between the history of this art form with history-past and present-itself.”
– LadeeKatherine, New York, NY

“The tour guide, Stacey, was very informative, knowledgeable and very easy going. She answered all of our questions without hesitation.”
– MelissaBR88, New York, NY


Alessia hails from Florence but quickly fell in love with the city as a tourist and decided to stay. She loves architecture, especially Art Deco, of which there is much to be found in New York City. While always a creative person, the city inspired her to start her own internet based company, AnHandmade Designs. As she feels creativity can be expressed through food, Alessia is always experimenting with different cuisines and trying different cafes and restaurants.

“The Twilight cruise around Manhattan was amazing! We had the greatest views of many of the city’s attractions from a unique viewpoint. The Walking Gospel Tour of Brooklyn Heights was incredible too, and Alessia, our guide was the best.” – mercedesffb, General Roca, Argentina

“This tour was very interesting. Before the tour we had a very bad image about The Bronx and Alessia taught us the cultural and artistic part about this neighborhood.” – E4699KHdavidp, Sabadell, Spain


How did this small town Canadian end up tour guiding in NYC? She arrived 8 years ago to chase my dream of becoming a singer and actor in this magnificent city! Offstage, she can be found showing tourists around our beautiful concrete jungle as an official Gold Star Tour Guide. She is fortunate to guide with some of the most renowned companies, providing tours ranging from sold out scholastic bus tours to custom private walking tours for your family. She focuses on making her tours fun and engaging because let’s face it, NYC is full of adventure. Her favorite topics include; theatre, architecture, park space, history, shopping (of course), and amazingly weird NYC Facts. For more information about her tour guide style, check out her website (and tour blog) at Hope to meet you in NYC!

“Our guide [Catie] was bubbly, entertaining and a great storyteller. My sister and I were very impressed with her knowledge of architecture in NYC and appreciated how courteous she was to the group by always making sure we were comfortable.” – CarolH_BC898, British Columbia, Canada

“Our guide [Catie] took us on a walking tour starting at the UN. She explained do many things including history, art, architecture. I would had missed so much without her. What fun facts and photo ops.” – Patricia G, Lompoc, California


A born and raised Manhattanite, Dahlia now lives in Brooklyn. As an avid urban cyclist, she has a GPS-like understanding of the city’s streets as well as a degree in Urban Studies and Planning. Her experience in the city makes her a master of the interactive tour, customizing a tour around street life spontaneity and a group’s special interests.

“This is an amazing tour. Our guide Dahlia was really lovely. She was very informative and keep the tour at a pace to suit all ages in the group. … Thank you Dahlia for a lovely experience” – Mary F, Liverpool, United Kingdom

“Had a great tour with our guide Dahlia. … Dahlia was great fun and very knowledgeable of the area.” – crabbitscot, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Galit is a born and raised New Yorker. Her family having come to NYC through Ellis Island in 1903, she fell in love with her city at a young age. Galit was and remains involved in singing and performing, following in her grandmother’s footsteps who had her own radio show and performed in Yiddish theater for many years in NYC in the 1930’s.

During her college career Galit studied Western Civilization in Spain, African influence on Brazilian Culture in Brazil, and Middle Eastern Studies in Israel. After earning her degree in Media Studies, Galit worked for the City University of New York’s Study Abroad Programming Department creating and leading college programming worldwide. Galit’s passion for teaching then led her to creating and teaching curricula for 1st and 2nd grade special education students. Her passion for NYC and her love of teaching led her to explore the world of tour guiding, which immersed her in both. Galit now lives in Manhattan and speaks in English, Hebrew, and conversational Arabic and Greek.

“17 y/o asks: “y are we booked 4 this?” but after was glad. R guide was gr8. She’s (Galit) knowledgeable, considerate + talented. Wait ’till u hear her sing! She made us feel very comfortable + was gr8 @ getting us interacting… Twas fun+ informative.” – michellewB3656GJ, Fountain Valley, California

“The Tour was hosted by Galit. She is the best. She is fun, knows a lot and can sing very very good. She really made the tour more than worth it… Thanks for a great morning in New York!” – Sander_uit_Hollanda, Heeemstede, The Netherlands


As a tour guide, John can show you where to find the small and subtle points of interest- where to go on a picnic or a fishing trip or a national park visit, all for free in NYC. He can also show to all the expected NYC sites. John has performed on stage and television, and in films and comedy clubs. He has taught at six colleges and three Bible colleges, and he is a Christian minister and ordained pastor. John has traveled to numerous Asian, European, Middle Eastern, North and South American countries. He has also traveled in much of the United States. He speaks French and Spanish conversationally, and can read Hebrew and Greek.


Jose is a proud New Yorker though he hails from Guatemala City. Born into a musical family, he has performed all over Latin America with his father’s band. His travels as a young boy led him to develop an interest in the secrets left behind by the Mayan civilization. After finding love with a Brooklyn girl and moving to be with her, he became a student of the city. Jose has been engaging himself in learning the city’s past, present, and future to help others spread the love for the city. Jose is happy to share his love for New York in multiple languages, as he speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Norwegian!

“Our guide José was amazing. He always conveyed information in a very coherent way and managed to keep us interested in the stories he was telling.” – humugo37, Medellin, California

“We took it in spanish, with Jose from Guatemala and Waw he is awesome, kind, highly educated he really knows the history behind this place. He was courteous at all times and even shared his personal story in NY 🙂 you learn, you see it is perfect for families.” – godh, San Jose, Costa Rica



Julia is a native New York and has been licensed NYC tour guide for over 20 years. Graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in Communications and History, she worked as a guide and tour manager in Europe and the U.S.. She has also taught Theatre and English as a University adjunct, and has written several plays that have been produced in NY and elsewhere. With a wide diversity of clients, she has developed tours, trained guides, and created workshops that succeed in sharing this wonderful city and educating visitors while they are having a blast, seeing and experiencing NYC and all it has to offer – food, culture, people, and stories. Honing her skills and style for many years, Julia a topflight guide with a vast knowledge base and excellent reviews from highly satisfied clients. To learn more about Julia’s guiding style and her travel blog, please take a peek at her website:

“Our tour guide was Julia, she was awesome, she made the tour so much fun.”
– Kathy C., Jackson, New Jersey

“Julia was incredible! The knowledge she has of the city, the history, and the surrounding areas blew my mind. Every question we asked she knew the answer too, without hesitation. Amazing experience, one I know we will both remember forever!”
– Amanda W., New Zealand


“Hi. I’m Katherine with a K. I live, work and play in New York. My journey in this great city is ongoing..”. Katherine arrived as an artist with an affinity for photography, performance, textiles and graphic design. Soon after, she co-founded a boutique design studio for twenty years forward developed brand programs and web applications for the arts, music & entertainment industry. But it wasn’t until she discovered tour guiding that she found her true calling. As an all-round people-person and love of culture, she discovered that being a licensed NYC Tour Guide meant she could utilize her skills, experience and passion for the arts, architecture and history while working in the open air! As a born sightseer, she loves to explore NYC by bike and travel any chance she gets. Her urban escape is to seek out nature be it on the Hudson, a park or hiking, swimming and skiing. Next to New York and New England where she grew up, she considers Italy her second home- where she learned to speak, eat and cook Italian fluently! “The ultimate thrill with each and every tour is I can help facilitate a memorable New York experience, on that enriches the mind and soul.”

“Could not fault this tour. The depth of information was imparted with skill and humour. Katherine not only clearly explained each feature she made sure everyone in the group was able to hear. Brought New York to life. Highly recommend by 4 Australians.” – bobnaj, New York, NY

“Katherine is an excellent guide. … Katherine friendly, sincere and helpful.” – debbielowe1510, Auckland, New Zealand



Kevin is a licensed NYC tour guide who has also designed and conducted tours in China and Taiwan for nearly a decade. Kevin is a writer who was educated at the University of Iowa’s famed Writer’s Workshop as well as its excellent Comparative Literature program. He did doctoral studies in Chinese language, cultural history, literature, art, and film at the University of Chicago (as well as various Chinese universities) and he currently teaches history, film/art history, and literature as an adjunct professor at SUNY, Purchase College. He loves welcoming and introducing friends from all over the world to his beloved hometown, the greatest city on earth: New York, NY! He’s passionate about sharing the incredible stories behind this incredible city’s architecture, the men and women who built this city, and the art and literature that this city inspires.

“My wife and I recently joined a tour of Greenwich Village conducted by Kevin. The tour mainly focused on the historical, social, and architectural elements of the Village. We absolutely loved this tour!! Kevin has such an extensive and intimate knowledge of the area and its vast stories. He made us feel like we left knowing the soul of the Village.” – Chris, Australia

“I learned so much about the city I live in! This was an awesome tour. Kevin is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic which makes his tours even more enjoyable.” – Amira B., New York


Ludie considers herself a global citizen, having grown up in New York but having been shaped by her travels and time abroad. She studied in Spain as a student and worked in Japan as an English teacher. She was also a cooking instructor for 8 years, teaching youth and adult health supportive cooking. She combined her love of food, her hometown, and ESL education when she founded New York City Bites to showcase traditional dishes from around the world in an English cooking class.

“Ludie is a natural born entertainer and educator! We love your energy, Ludie!”
– ani_kaaaaa, Essen, Germany

“We were lucky enough to have Ludie as our guide for both tours. She is extremely knowledgeable, and loves her job. She makes all the difference.”
– Hkyfanz, Nanaimo, Canada


Marcos was born in the Bronx and loves showing tourists around his hometown borough. With over ten years of experience as a licensed New York City tour guide, he loves showcasing the Brooklyn Bridge, Uptown Manhattan, Greenwich Village, and the Lower East Side, as well as his beloved Bronx. Marcos has the unique combination of the connection of a native New Yorker with the perspective and passion of someone who moved here by choice, after having grown up in Milwaukee, WI. He has a passion for music and is also a singer-songwriter-composer, dance teacher, and church musician.

“It felt like Marcos was telling stories and not just reciting a list of facts, I could tell he enjoys what he does and that made the tour much more enjoyable.”
– finneganhannah, Lincoln, Nebraska

“We recently enjoyed a tour with Marcos, who really was an excellent guide. He is local, knowledgable, friendly and is great at his job.”
– Lauren A, Canberra, Australia


Matt is a native Connecticut Yankee, but he now proudly considers himself a New Yorker. He is a  licensed NYC Sightseeing Guide who is extremely excited that got into this line of work. “I’ve found it one of the most fun and stimulating ways to make a positive difference.” By night, he is an actor, writer, and director who does a lot of improvisation and sketch comedy at The Magnet Theater in midtown Manhattan. He also performs children’s theater with the nationally acclaimed Story Pirates. He loves history, art, NY sports, authentic characters, learning new things, talking to strangers, and entertaining tourists as they visit “The Greatest City in the World!”

“Our guide Matt was excellent. It was a very hot day and his knowledge was superb.” – sueeyh, Herefordshire, UK

“We had an amazing tour guide, I believe his name was Matt. And he was absolutely incredible. I have never been on a tour where they have been so hilarious while still providing us with information but actually keeping us attentive the ENTIRE time. I believe Matt made this tour 100% fantastic.” – 568janaeb, Wellington, New Zealand


An 8th generation, New Yorker, Paul was born and raised in the South Bronx before moving to Harlem – where he resided for 20 years. He studied Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology before earning a B.S. in Communications Media at Fitchburg State College. Having worked as a computer programmer, classical guitarist, fitness model, math tutor, reporter, personal trainer, and instructor, there’s nothing traditional about his work history. A tour guide for the past 2 years, Paul believes he’s finally found a single field which merges his passions for history, geography, architecture, social justice, nature, and storytelling.


Sean is a licensed New York City tour guide with a masters degree in history from Brooklyn College. He is passionate about the American Revolution and New York City history. He has taught classes on New York City history in various academic settings. He is a native of the tri-state area and has been a resident of Brooklyn for 7 years. Sean is also a musician and a writer.

“The most knowledgable tour guide we have had in New York…an interesting tour with a great guide..thanks Sean!”
– Sandy R., Melbourne, Australia

“Sean was our guide. He couldn’t have been more qualified, informative, and articulate about this subject and related New York history.”
– Phil G., Gresham, Oregon


A native New Yorker who has lived in Harlem, Westchester County, and the Bronx, Stefan currently resides in upstate New York’s historical Hudson Valley region. A licensed NYC Sightseeing Guide since 2003, he enjoys learning new languages and is always seeking to improve upon his Spanish and French speaking skills. His love of history, and particularly as to how it relates to the African Diaspora, led him to take a trip to Brazil where he further increased his knowledge as to how vast the influence of the African culture has been throughout the New World. As a freelance graphic artist, he has created an animated series entitled “The Adventures of PB”, that showcases two friend’s adventures as they explore various parts of the “New World.” Amongst his various interests are listening to music, reading, and exploring the various regions of upstate New York. He is a nature lover at heart who enjoys hiking, snow, landscape photography, camping, kayaking, and any outdoor activity or close to water.